Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm off to our camp in the Southern Adirondacks. I need to sit under the pine trees, walk along the lake, feed the chipmunks and soothe my soul.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to four cemeteries and planted flowers for our family members who have passed on. My husband's great grandparents are buried at Indian Castle Church, which was built in 1769. The burial ground behind the Church is right at the edge of a huge forest, on a hill overlooking the Church. It is beautiful beyond belief. The Church is a very simple wooden structure. Neither of us are inspired by organized religion, but one cannot help but feel a quiet peacefulness when standing in this historical old Church.

At my grandparent's cemetery, we met up with the father of one of my high school friends. Phil and his wife are staunch Democrats in our small community, having held both elected and appointed positions and were both very active in the party. In fact, they were very supportive of me when I ran for both terms on the Town Council.

This 80 year old staunch Democrat noticed my Hillary button and after some talk of the RFK remark, he let loose. He and his wife are livid over the way Hillary has been treated. He stated that they will become Independents if she is not the nominee. He also said he would vote for McCain, to which my husband replied he couldn't do that, he just would refrain from voting. Phil proceeded to explain why that wasn't good enough. We all agreed that Obama is not experienced in foreign policy or economics and that he would be a terrible President at a time when we need a strong leader. To simply not vote for Obama would take away one vote. To vote for McCain would put Obama behind by 2 votes. What was extraordinary in this whole conversation is that you could see and hear the disbelief from this war horse Democrat and how mad and sad it made him feel and how very disappointed he was in the Democratic party.

So, DNC, you've screwed this up royally. You are are alienating the very base of your party. I've thought about what Phil said and he's right. I'm voting for McCain if Hillary is not the nominee, along with my husband and the rest of our family.

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