Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stay tuned and get back to work for Hillary!

From the Clinton Conference Call Today:
Geoff Garin: Indiana was a close outcome, but they feel very, very good. First time Clinton has come from behind to achieve a primary victory. Amidst a huge amount of spending from Obama, Clinton won. The Chicago media market was over 20% of the state and gave Obama a substantial head start. Eight points down with 10 days to go, then winning by 2 points, represents "significant progress" and is a "good victory under challenging circumstances." Obama called it a "tie breaker state," so we feel good about the victory.

We congratulate Obama on his North Carolina. But that state also represents progress for us. We were running even with white voters two weeks ago, but earned a significant win, 24 points. We didn't do well enough with AA voters. Clinton continues to run very strongly among likely swing voters in the Nov. election, blue collar voters, seniors and Catholics. Last night makes the strong case that she's the better candidate in November.

The win in Indiana allows us to go on and make the case in West Virginia.

Howard Wolfson: We need to do well in upcoming contests. W.V. is a "critically important key swing state in November." We are going to set out in the next days to show real strength in W.V.

We need to work with others to make sure Florida and Michigan are seated. We believe these delegates should be seated. We need to continue to make the case the Clinton is a better nominee against John McCain. Clinton today runs ahead of Obama in Penn. and Florida. Clinton has proved she can win blue collar voters, and suggests she can absolutely be the strongest nominee against John McCain. Obama has not proven he can win the key swing states, or the votes of blue collar workers. That's the crux of the argument being made to superdelegates and voters going forward. West Virginia is a critical test and we need to do well there and going forward.

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