Monday, May 12, 2008

From Pacific John in Oregon! Go Hillary!

This evening, I had the best recruiting nights I have ever had on any campaign ever. Those of you who know me in real life know what this means. Holy cow.

We had a great day. HV'er Alison was here through the weekend. She did great last evening with our team recruiting at the Darth event. I think our campaign blew her away. We are a bit of a stationary tornado.

I may not post tomorrow evening since Bill will be here. It's his last event of the day, so we'll run late and run long. We'll recruit a small army of people for the phone bank.

Man, I love this campaign.

We had NOW Pres Kim Gandy, Ann Lewis and Erika (?), a wonderful actress from the Cosby Show at the HQ this evening. It was all any of us could do to hold back the tears as they all talked about the unsung values that Hillary, and women generally, stand for.

We're in this to win, kids, and I think we will.


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