Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama is Peevish


Pronunciation: \ˈpē-vish\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English pevish spiteful
Date: circa 1530
1 : querulous in temperament or mood : fretful 2 : perversely obstinate 3 : marked by ill temper
— pee·vish·ly adverb
— pee·vish·ness noun

Querulous in temperment? Moody? Fretful and perversely obstinate? Ill tempered, you say? Oh, yeah.

Peevish is the word that came to mind watching Obama's Appeasement Press Conference on Friday. I am beginning to hate listening to Him as much as I hate listening to Bush, but it was a "deer caught in headlights" moment. I was mesmerized listening to the Grand Ego, chastizing the Ninny President for having the unmitigated gall to question Him. He is Obama for Christ's sake. He was peeved to have to answer questions from reporters. Apparently, I'm not the only one who saw this.

That's enough. That – that's a show of disrespect to me."

That was Barack Obama, a couple of weeks back, explaining why he was casting the Rev. Jeremiah Wright into outer darkness. It's one thing to wallow in "adolescent grandiosity" (as Scott Johnson of the Powerline Web site called it) when it's a family dispute between you and your pastor of 20 years. It's quite another to do so when it's the 60th anniversary celebrations of one of America's closest allies. Mark Steyn

Now, Bush may have been goading Obama, although his official version is that it was about Jimmy Carter. But Obama sounded like a whiny little baby and looked anything BUT Presidential. It gave an insightful look into a BO presidency. Instead of the "What the Hell do Ya'all Care" tone of this administration, it'll be the "I am the Supreme Being and Get Testy When I'm Questioned" era.

If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, don't blame me when He loses the GE in November. I didn't put him in this the race.

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