Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Senator Edwards

Dear Senator Edwards:

As a former supporter of your 2008 Presidential bid, I can't believe you sold us out. I was one of your staunchest supporters, worked hard for your campaign and donated money I really couldn't afford because I believed in you and your campaign. I was sorry when you dropped out because I believed in your voice for the less fortunate among us and I know that health insurance for all Americans is an important issue. After you left, I picked myself up and began studying the remaining candidates. That's where I found that the campaign issues that were most important to me were issues also held by the Hillary Clinton camp.

Since you've dropped out of the race, I have emailed you several times outlining my support for Senator Clinton. I understood when you replied that you wanted to stay out of the campaigns and let the process work without giving either candidate any advantage that your endorsement may hold. I respected your decision to let the voters decide and the process continue.

That's why the recent news story that you have decided, after a landslide win for Hillary in West Virginia, to endorse Senator Obama hit me like a ton of bricks. You see, Senator Edwards, I respected you and took you at your word. I was wrong. It turns out you are nothing more than another member of the John Kerry, Ted Kennedy faction of the Democratic party. The faction that makes deals in back rooms and is swayed by the same old rotten political machine. You've just joined the ranks of Former Male Presidential Candidates that couldn't stand to be beaten by a female.

You caved, Senator. And that makes me sick.

PS, I rec'd your letter today about making a donation to your new cause. I won't be donating and I think you know why.


joye said...

Well said !!

hells kitchen said...

Also an early supporter of Edwards, contributor, and canvasser in NH. I got the email for money.

My response:Sorry, but you blew it by endorsing Senator Obama. Once you got out, you should have stayed out.

Got an out of office email in response:
If you have a scheduling request for Senator Edwards or Elizabeth Edwards, please email you complete request – along with date, time, and location – to scheduler[at]johnedwards[dot]com. Press inquires can be emailed to press[at]johnedwards[dot]com.