Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it all just a huge sham?

From John: South of Melrose
Something deeply disturbing has gone down in the Democratic Party over the course of the last year. 50% of the Democratic electorate is being thrown overboard by the elites. It is now evident that this was planned by numerous people high up in both party's power structures with the assent of some powerful media outlets. Not to mention George Soros. Below I list the evidence for my allegation that a fix was put in to stop Hilary Clinton. All of it is either MY inference or can be easily found with some basic google searches. This post goes to my suspicions. There may be rebuttals on all counts. Feel free to refute me on any point.

Read it and see what you think.


lorraine said...

go to www.larouchepac.com and read Howard Dean's rigged erection.

lorraine said...

it seems you have to google www.larouchepac.com then go to larouche political action committee. sorry about that.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

Lorraine, I found the site and am going to link it here.

Thanks so much for the info and feel free to drop by with more of your findings. I appreciate it.