Sunday, May 11, 2008

Uppity Woman

I would vote for a cockroach before I'd vote for Obama

Comment by foreignwoman | 2008-05-11 04:42:27

Watching from Europe what goes on in your country at the moment is really scary, and you’re spot on about the totalitatarian regimes that used the same kind of bullying to get their charismatic leaders into power. Remember Mussolini and Hitler and their thugs, exactly the same kind of process going on in your country right now. The main difference is that there seems to be such a lack of historical awareness in the most powerful nation on the planet that you could actually end up with a president who can indeed move the masses. The testimonies from the caucuses are scary, as are a number of other incidents such as the delaying of votes that kept Clinton’s victory in Indiana on hold. They are really sure of themselves when they can do such an utterly undemocratic thing on national TV and none in the media follows it up! You have my fullest sympathy and I dearly hope something comes up that make the American people wake up to what is about to happen before it is too late for you, and for the rest of us!

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