Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama and Health Care

So, my question is, since I can't figure it out, WHAT DOES OBAMA REALLY SAY?

Will he price individual insurance by risk? (like he says he will in his FAQ on healthcare, read the part about businesses who have that one sick employee and how he might be able to help them) This would apply to everybody who isn't employed by a generous employer who supplies healthcare..If you are on the uninsurables list or even have a common chronic condition like hypertension or asthma.. you may be basically uninsurable outside of a group plan -i.e. THROUGH AN EMPLOYER or similar, because, as you probably already know, you are a bad risk, because you are already sick, its not a gamble (THE BASIS OF HOW THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY WORKS IS BY IMITATING GAMBLING) with you, they KNOW you will be expensive. So they DON'T want you unless you can pay to make it worth their while.
For example, see this article

Or, does Obama mean it when he says that he will make insurance available to everybody who wants it and can pay the premium they ask'? (people who think they might get sick or who think that they have something to lose, not those who think they could get sick and be a write off or who think they won't get sick, or who can't afford insurance at any price, ALL of who would be covered by Hillary AFFORDABLY)
Note: If Obama does do THAT, insurance will be MUCH more expensive for TWO SEPARATE reasons..
1.) Because the risk pool will be smaller and much sicker because there won't be a mandate.
2.) Because insurance companies jack the price up a lot when they can't charge by risk
So, could you help me out in figuring out what Obama really means???
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