Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If I don't win, I'm taking my toys and going home

via Liberal Rapture the story of the spoiled little boy who plays by the rules that favor him only:

Though he's actually trying his level best to stay in step with the media herd riding Hillary Clinton into the ground, Jonathan Alter unwittingly dropped this interesting tidbit in the May 19 issue of Newsweek.

"For all the talk of numbers, there's one that will be most important for superdelegates: 1.5 million. That reflects the 1.5 million names of donors that the Obama campaign has on file. Because no contribution below $200 is publicly reported, the vast majority of those names are in Obama's exclusive possession, to be shared as he wishes. As Graham Richard, the longtime mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind., explained it to me last week, it's all about the Benjamins. Local officials (that's who most superdelegates are) need the tens of thousands of Democratic donors on that list who come from their states. Their re-election depends on successful fund-raising. No Obama at the top of the ticket, no list. No list, and you may be back selling insurance after November."

You read it right. This, in effect, is threatening to cripple the fundraising ability of the Democratic party if Obama is not given the nomination. He is telling superdelegates, "give me the nomination or risk losing your office for lack of campaign funds."

The unmitigated gall of this man. Threatening to weaken the party and cost the Democrats offices, all if he doesn't get the nomination he feels so entitled to. Clinton supporters are lectured about unquestioning support of the party, yet Obama threatens to cripple Democratic fundraising efforts if he doesn't get his way. It's this type of arrogance, greed, and entitlement that are turning so many people off. Some party man.

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