Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hillary Clinton has sent out secret code that she wants Obama assassinated so that she can win the nomination and I am a racist. Do I see a pattern here? You bet I do.

Every stinking thing that happens in this campaign is perceived as anti-Obama. It is twisted and turned and spun around until it get spit back out as a racist remark.

Let me set the record straight. Hillary did not send out the silent dog whistle remark in order to have Obama assassinated. And I did not place the Obama poster in the right sidebar because I am a racist.

Obama is a snob. But, calling him a snob is not calling him a uppity black man. I'm sorry if that is where youR brain leads you, because it is not the intention from my end. Obama made a remark about "typical" white people clinging to their guns and religion. A snotty, snobby statement. If you choose to twist the Soul Searching post below away from the horrible sexism that plainly exists in that photo and make it about the side poster and racism, that's your problem. But don't call me a racist.

I think you better do some "soul searching" of your own.

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