Thursday, May 15, 2008

Milli Vanilli Endorses Obama

Priceless! Via uncorrelated

Well, OK, not Milli Vanilli, but the political equivalent--hair with no actual political talent.

Its pathetic but it works. Obama was desperate to change the media narrative, which is that core Democrat voters are racist. Its not brilliant apologetic; that's certain, but as bad as it is, its better than telling the truth--the Emperor has no clothes.

Getting John Edwards to endorse him accomplishes that, if little else.

Kathleen Parker observes that its pretty much a consensus.
Here's what John Davis, president of the e North Carolina Forum for Research and Economic Education and editor of The Almanac of North Carolina Politics, recently told Politico about the value of an Edwards endorsement: "It would carry no weight. He didn't help carry any state in the Southeast, his own home county or even his home precinct in 2004."

Jonah Goldberg points out exactly how much Edwards underwhelmed in 2004. 2004 Democrats insisted that John Edwards would make the Kerry-Edwards ticket competitive throughout the South. Not only was that not true, not only did Edwards not deliver North Carolina, but he didn't even improve Kerry's share by a single percentage point over Gore-Lieberman in 2000.

I'd have to call this a hail Mary. If Obama had better options, he would have exercised them--apparently all he had was John Edwards.

He's in worse trouble that I thought...

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